The life of plants

Plants live according to the seasons, performing each year various stages of a cycle. They produce primary substances common to all plants, necessary for their growth and reproduction. They also produce secondary, specific substances, which they use to defend themselves against their environment. Primarily, those are substances intended to limit the growth of other plants, to prevent from infestation by bacteria, mosses, molds, fungi, or insects and their larvae. Some plants even secrete substances to protect themselves or protect their seeds from Mammals tempted to eat them.

Expertise is needed

Secondary substances produced by plants are specific to their species, genus, variety, and where they grow. (... Botany)

Plants must continuously adapt to the climate and the conditions of the soil on which they grow. The quantities and qualities of substances produced will be the first affected by the changes that occur in the environment of the plant.

Also, according to the stages of the plant cycle, the substances produced within the plant migrate, from the seat of their manufacturing to the part where they will be stored.

The essential oils of plants

Extracting the active substances of plants is a field that requires great expertise. While most of the drugs we use come from the plant world, it took years of research to analyze, understand and synthesize them in the laboratory in order to obtain reliable molecules, constant quality, and a predictable activity to make their use possible.

The extraction of secondary plant substances with bactericidal, insecticidal, insect repelling properties, etc. for using them in our environment for purposes similar to their original roles is traditional. Generations have used the essential oils of plants, often obtained by distillation, long before the advent of petrochemicals.

This expertise of plants, soils, climates, proper extraction of active substances, had to be rediscovered, analyzed, understood in order to bring to you these all natural formulas of guaranteed effectiveness. (... Author)

Practical uses
Garden Home Pets Bath

For the Garden

For the Home

For your Pets

For the Bath

Those four sections describe simple and affordable ways to limit the spread of petrochemical products, on a daily basis, using formulations of essential oils instead.

This section lists on one page the formulas used in your daily life that can be very useful when away from home.

For your Travels


Those categories are easily accessible from each page of this website through their icons situated in the browsing panel situated on the right side. It also presents links to pages which contain information about general questions related to the sales and the operation of the website.

The browsing panels located on the top and bottom of the left side allow to come back to more fundamental reading about essential oils, the scientific part of the website.

The Useful-Oils Formulas

Research and knowledge enable us to develop and sell formulas composed of essential oils from very carefully controlled batches.

Those controls allow us to select and measure the amounts of natural active substances which guarantee effectiveness, and to provide our formulas with specific instructions regarding their use. They also help to remove unwanted compounds contained in some batches of essential oils to ensure product safety within recommended use.

The website allows to order quickly and in a secure way all the formulas of the Useful Oils catalog, in sizes of 10, 15, or 20 ml (... See S&H and pricing) .

30, 50 and 100 ml sizes are also available on request in our mail order catalog (... See Mail Order Catalog) .


In Short...

Numerous essential oils of plants can be used on a daily basis for your well being as well as for your loved ones'.

For the Garden
In the Garden

Find out which oils can be used in the garden.

For the Home
In the Home

Discover which oils can be used in the home.

For your Pets
For your Pets

The essential oils which are useful to your pets.

For the Bath
For the Bath

How to use essential oils for your well being.

For your Travels
For the Travelers

The essential oils to bring when away from home

Useful Tips
Useful Tips

How to buy, store and use your essential oils.

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Preserve the Earth
Save the Earth
Help to save the planet in reducing the use of chemical products.


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