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Are essential oils toxic?

Essential oils contain biologically active substances and any active substance can show toxicity depending on its dosage, its way of administration, and the targeted species. However, most often, the natural oils are biodegradable, and are also degraded in the body, which is not always the case with the products of petrochemical synthesis. Finally, the oils used in the formulas in this web site are well known, and pose no risk to humans or animals, within the doses and methods of use recommended.


Can the essential oils be used in the process of growing or manufacturing food?

Professionals must abide by the regulations established by the EC. "From the Farm to the Fork" gathers all the information on authorized products according to the type of production in the areas of food and animal feeds. It is the same regarding the requirements of the "organic" certififying bodies. It is therefore necessary for you to check depending on your case.

Individuals are not subject to those regulations. At the health and safety level, there is no special action to be taken when using biopesticides. You will have to wash your fruits and vegetables, carefully, as usual.


Why mix that many different plant species?

It is first and foremost because of a desire for efficiency. One single essential oil is not active against all insects, or all germs. Some of these "pests" have become accustomed to certain substances that do not bother them any longer. By increasing the number of plants, we extend the spectrum of activity of the formula. We also ensure that the product is highly concentrated in various active substances to fight against the specific problem that you have.

And the smell of a mixture is often more pleasant than the smell of one single essence used in a large amount.


Why do some essential oils work, and others don't?

The effect of an essential oil is linked to the effects of the active compounds it contains. Made by plants, thoses substances are very close to the ones the animal body makes. This ability of modifying the natural functions of the body is the main reason why plants have been used as remedies, some of them being lethal, according to their dosage.

The main problem on the essential oil market today is that two vials of an essential oil of the same name, Citronella, for example, will contain different compounds, and concentrations of those compounds, according to the plant, the season, the distillation process, and other factors.

In order to use the right essential oil, its name is not as relevant as its composition in active substances. In the manufacturing of our formulas, we select the oils we use reviewing their chemical composition, to make sure that the blend we offer will do for you what we say it does do!


I have lost the instructions that accompanied one of your formulas. What should I do?

It is important to follow the instructions for use that are specific to each one of these products. You can find a link to a .pdf file with the instructions on the page of the formula, open, download or print it. Or you can go directly find it on this page which lists our products.


Can the essential oils formulas sold for Pets be used in Humans?

All the essential oils sold through this website are controlled and of premium quality. They are suitable for Aromatherapy.

However, if you want to use these formulas for you or your family, we recommend that you seek the help of a medical practioner in order to make sure that they fit your specific needs and condition.



About your Purchases

How are calculated the shipping and handling fees?

The fees calculated in the shopping cart include the postage and packaging costs. The shipping is entrusted to La Poste, France, with a Tracked Letter service for Metropolitan France and French territories, and an International Priority Letter service for Europe, excluding France.


They are: € 1.89 for orders totalling less than € 12.50, € 2.19 for a total ranging between 12.50 € and 24.99 €, € 4.99 for a total included between € 25 and € 62.49, and € 7.79 for a total included between € 62.50 and € 99.99. Shipping and handling for orders of € 100, and above, are free of charge. ... See Details


Which methods of payment are available on this Website?

Payments are made through PayPal. It accepts credit cards and payments using a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use a credit card, or open a PayPal account using your checking account information... learn more.


How do I place an order?

After placing the items you need in the PayPal shopping cart using the "Add to Cart" button, you need to access your shopping cart through the "View Cart" button. From there, you can review your order, modify quantities, suppress items, and proceed to the payment of the order following the sreps described by PayPal. ... more details


What is my protection as a buyer?

This website, started in 2010, has successfully passed the tests of every single virus protection software manufacturer, online users' community, which list it as safe, or legal. It is also listed through Google and Google Shopping which operate their own selection process to guarantee a safe experience to their users.

PayPal, acting as a third party, also offers protection to both the Buyer and the Seller ... learn about PayPal protections.


In any case, for any question, feel free to contact us through the Contact tab.



About the Website

How do I add this site to my Bookmarks?

The fastest way to bookmark a page of this website is by pressing the "Ctrl" and "D" keys at the same time. Then, you'll just need to pick a spot where to save it in your list.


I keep clicking on the "Add to Cart" button and nothing happens?

It can be for various reasons. A pop up blocker can prevent you from opening the new page. Or this page is already opened in another window. You have to watch carefully the instructions provided by your browser in order to understand what is going on.


How to use the Website Custom Search Engine?

Situated in the right upper corner of each page of the Website, this Custom Search Engine works exactly the same way as the other search engines. After typing a query, and clicking on the look up button, a new page will open with the results that are included in this Website and its documents. This page will also display sponsored adds from other Websites.

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