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Shipping and handling fees.


The PayPal Shopping Cart automatically calculates the shipping costs based on the total amount of the order.


They are:£ 2.58 for orders totalling less than £ 16.20, £ 2.99 for a total ranging between £ 16.20 and £ 32.39, £ 7.38 for a total included between £ 32.40 and £ 80.99, and £ 11.40 for a total included between £ 81.00 and £ 119.99. Shipping and handling for orders of £ 120, and above, are free of charge. ... See Details


When ordering, the shipping costs are displayed in the Cart excluding tax. The VAT due will be added to the entire Cart, depending on your place of residence, before validation of the payment.


Shipping method.


Usually, orders placed before 10 a.m. GMT are prepared and ship the same day. After that time, they ship on the next business day.


The shipping is entrusted to La Poste, France, with a Tracked Letter service for Metropolitan France and French territories, and an International Priority Letter service for Europe, excluding France. Delivery time varies from one to four business days, for France, and from two to seven business days, for international within Europe.



Your delivery information.


When making a payment using your PayPal account, the information saved in your account, that is, your email address and your shipping address, is automatically forwarded to us. If this information has changed since you created your PayPal account, please update it before placing an order, or when checking out.


When paying by credit card, PayPal will ask you to provide the shipping information, and your email address, that will be transmitted to us. It is very important that the information is filled in correctly, for it is the only mean available to us to contact you for following up on your order.



Personal information.


Personal information sent to us for the purposes of the delivery of your order will not be disclosed to third parties or used for advertising purposes through us. ... See our Privacy Policy



Returns and refunds.


The shipping date of your order will be notified by email sent to the email address provided to us by PayPal. Make sure it is fully correct when placing your order!


In case of an error when you placed your order, or if you changed your mind, you need to contact us at the email address below. We will reimburse the bottles that are returned at your expense, intact and unopened, within thirty days after the date of shipment.


The refund of the price of those bottles, excluding postage, will be made through PayPal canceling all or part of the original transaction.


PayPal, acting as a third party, also offers protection to both the Buyer and the Seller ... learn about PayPal protections.



Other ways to place an order.


Besides the recommended PayPal Shopping Cart and secured Check-Out, there are other ways to contact us and place an order, described here:

... See alternate methods for ordering from UsefulOils


The general terms and conditions are identical to those described above regarding personal information, returns and refunds. However, the PayPal Buyer Protection Program can not be applied when not uslng PayPal services. ... See Details in the Mail Order Catalog



Customs after Brexit


UK VAT: as required by law, UK residents will be charged VAT at the time of purchase, at the point of sale. VAT collected by us will be paid to HMRC. An invoice showing that VAT was paid and our HMRC VAT information will ship with your order. Customs will clear the order quickly.


Custom duties: at this time, tariffs have not been totally published. Orders of a value less than £ 135, excluding shipping costs ans taxes, will not be charged any duty. A declaration of value will be shown on your order. While waiting for more information, we do encourage our British customers to place individual orders limiting their values under the £ 135 threshold, in order to avoid holds.


If you are a professional in the UK with a valid HMRC VAT registration, needing a VAT exemption, or if you require special attention for orders above the £ 135 duty threshold, please feel free to contact us before ordering.



Licensed and Registered.


Olivier Lechef, Docteur Vétérinaire

76440 Forges-les-Eaux

820 690 766 00010 RCS Dieppe

VAT: FR74820690766 & GB341331443




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