The Massage Oil for Pets


The essential oils of the three plants composing the Massage Oil have a long history for their use as a treatment of muscle and joint pain. They combine heating, vasodilatating, muscle relaxant powers, and act in the manner of a natural anti-inflammatory.


The Massage Oil for Pets: to make a massage oil with essential oils to treat against muscle pain,  arthritis and rheumatism for dogs, cats and other pets.
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The oils in this formula are to be diluted in a vegetable oil of your choice before being used for massage. That may be an olive oil (preferred), or sunflower, canola, almond, borage oil...

The dosage is the following:


10 drops of Massage Oil , to dilute in,

30 ml (2 tbsp.) of vegetable oil.

Pour the oil on your fingers, and begin to massage gently the painful area. Be especially aware that this is a painful area, and do not cause more pain, which could lead to a defensive reaction from your pet. Massage in light strokes, always towards the direction of the heart to facilitate venous return. Make sure to massage long enough so that the most oil penetrates the skin.

You can wipe off the excess. Your pet will get rid of the rest, often licking.



Frequency of use:

As often and long as you feel it necessary to relieve your pet.


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The Massage Oil for Pets is described here as an example of a natural method that can be used in the care of pets. This formula cannot be used to diagnose or treat diseases in animals, or even be an excuse to discontinue treatments prescribed by your attending veterinarian.


This formula contains essential oils which are rich in camphor. It is not recommended for pregnant females, young animals, and animals with neurological problems; such as epilepsy.


If in doubt about the health of your pet, please ask your regular veterinarian.


Concentrated product: do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children.



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The Massage Oil for Pets


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