The Ant and Cockroach Formula


The "Ant and Cockroach Formula" has been specially designed to fight naturally against invasions by crawling Insects. Indoors, or outdoors.


It contains thick essential oils which have active compounds with specifically proven properties against those Insects, and other essential oils containing natural substances acting in synergy, favoring the actions of the others.


The Ant and Coackroach Formula: A specialty essential oils blend in order to get rid of, and protect your home and gerden from, ants, roaches and other crawling insects.
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In spray, a 15 ml bottle of The Ant and Cockroach Formula allows to make 30 liters of a ready-to-use solution.


50 and 100 ml bottles with a degressive pricing and adapted shipping methods are also available through mail order (... see catalog).




In spray , using the following dosage:


35 drops (1 ml) of Ant and Cockroach Formula , to be diluted in,

60 ml (4 tbsp.) of alcohol, to dilute in,

2 liters of water .

Follow well the steps of dilution, ensuring good homogeneity of the final blend. Shake your spray container before each use. This mixture will only be used for the vaporization of floors, supports, and soils.


Indoors and outdoors, you have to think carefully about removing what attracts these crawling Insects, which feed on a little bit of everything, organic waste, food, but also debris from other Insects and Mites. For home and garden , other Formulas are available to fight against these Insects and Mites.


It is always important to fight invasions by spraying abundantly the places where you see those Insects, but also by looking for entry points for ants and cockroaches, where you can use a few drops of the pure product, to make a natural shield. And bringing you closer to the source, like an anthill, which you can also relocate with a few drops of pure product. For the gardens, it is also possible to pour a few drops at the foot of the plants.


Frequency of use:

This will vary depending on the results that you will see, depending on the kind of Insects you hunt, how present and numerous they are, frequency of rains, etc. These oils also have a lasting effect. You must observe and think.


Those essential oils have good effectiveness on larvae and adults, but very low efficiency on eggs. It is necessary to think of repeating those treatments when the eggs hatch, in order to break the reproductive cycle of those Insects.


However, the spraying technique allows you to act quickly and get almost immediate results. A good practice of this method will allow you to properly protect your homes, gardens and terraces, safely, and affordably.


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Mechanism of action:

Entomological studies in the field of biopesticides have specifically proved the synergistic actions of three natural substances, eugenol, cinnamaldehyde and α-terpineol, on the receptors of the nervous system of those insects. Eugenol and eucalyptol have also been tested as being able to reduce the invasive activities of those insects as repellents. The laboratory proves the traditional use of cinnamon sticks as repellents.


Camphor and limonene, less specific, potentiate the effects of the other substances, allowing their use in very small doses, maintaining visible results.




Concentrated or diluted product: do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children.


Product only intended for application on floors, soils, supports for insect invasions, flowerbeds.



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The Ant and Cockroach Formula


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