Making a Spray with Oils

This is how to prepare your essential oils in order to vaporize them in the spots where you want to use them.

It is important to know that essential oils are not directly soluble in water, and some manipulations are needed.

The owner's manual of each formula proposed on this website site explains in detail the instructions for each formula, and offers other methods, when more appropriate for its purposes.



Whether for the garden or the home, it is advisable to save a spray bottle for the exclusive use of your essential oils dilutions.

Depending on your needs, and quantities you want to prepare and use, several sizes of containers are commercially available.



Sprays made ​​with alcohol: the first step consists in thoroughly diluting the essential oils in pure alcohol, bought in pharmacy, or drugstore. The second step consists in adding this blend in the water contained in your vaporizer. Shake well.

It is best to use a graduated 100 ml glass in which you first pour the recommended amounts of alcohol and essential oils. It is very important to stir well in order to get the most homogeneous dilution of the oils. Then pour into the recommended amount of water, and shake.

You do not have to use the vaporizer's content all at once. It can be stored, but you need to remember to shake the bottle before each use.

This method is not recommended for the making of sprays to be used for the care of your pets.


Sprays made ​​without alcohol: for single use only, you can prepare a spray with warm water, not boiling, in which you pour your essential oils.

The heat will help the evaporation of volatile substances contained in oils and their dispersion in your environment, when spraying.

It is very important that you shake your container before and during use.


A few tips:

Avoid spraying your preparation in the direction of another person or pet. Alcohol and certain essential oils are irritants.

Do not spray your essential oils towards a flame, especially if you used alcohol for their dilution.

Do not spray your essential oils on your food, or on pet food.

Avoid spraying water on wooden furniture, waxed, polished wood, etc. to avoid stains.

If you often spray essential oils in your home, it is best to use distilled water or demineralized water, so as not to leave marks on your furniture, curtains, floors.


Pros and Cons:

This technique allows treatments that are extensive and rapid, in large areas inside and outside, and also much more precise, if concentrated on specific spots: rodents and crawling insects paths, for example.

As cons, one must get used to realize the proper dilutions, and make sure that the water is not sprayed all in one place, and the supernatant essential oils somewhere else! But this little investment in learning and equipment has its rewards.

Read the detailed manuals of the formulas on this site to discover different methods, and see which you are more comfortable with.

Which Formulas can be sprayed:

For the Home:


Home Germs Formula:

This formula is designed to clean and deodorize your rooms. The oils it contains are active against bacteria, mold, and acarids. Its smell mixing citrus, conifers and aromatic plants, is very light and pleasant. ... learn more.


Home Insects Formula:

It protects your home from being invaded by flying or crawling insects. It can also be used to rid your home of fleas, along with the Pets' Parasites Formula.

... learn more.


Home Mold Formula:

It allows to treat your home against the growth of fungi and mold, and quickly get rid of musty odors. ... learn more.


For the Garden:


Garden Insects Formula:

Vaporizations of these natural substances will keep your plants and trees from being invaded by insects. ... learn more.


Garden Moss Formula:

A blend to vaporize in order to stop the growth of moss, and mildew, in the lawns, on plants, tree trunks, and walls. ... learn more.


Rodents Formula:

A repellent blend with mints, traditionally used, to vaporize along the paths frequented by rodents. ... learn more.


For Pets:


Pets' Parasites Formula:

In a warm spray, alcohol-free, for immediate protection of pets against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, and other ectoparasites. It can also be prepared in a spray with alcohol to treat fleas and their larvae in the house ... learn more.


In Short...

Numerous essential oils of plants can be used on a daily basis for your well being as well as for your loved ones'.

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How to use essential oils for your well being.

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The essential oils to bring when away from home

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Useful Tips

How to buy, store and use your essential oils.

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