The Home Insects Formula


Eleven essential oils concentrating many anti insects substances (insecticides and repellents) compose this formula that will safely help you fight against the invasion of your home by all kinds of insects, acarids and arachnids. After giving it a little thought and practice, you will prefer this natural formula over any other chemical one you find in stores.


... see the Frequently Asked Questions about the Home Insects Formula.



The Home Insects Formula: anti flies, mosquitoes, crawling insects, acarids, arachnids essential oils.
Pure Essential OIls of:










Sweet Orange

Tea Tree





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In spray, a 15 ml bottle of The Home Insects Formula allows to make 70 liters of a ready-to-use solution.


50 and 100 ml bottles with a degressive pricing and adapted shipping methods are also available through mail order (... see catalog).




It is important to think about your strategy before choosing how to use this formula. It is best to understand the behavior of the Insects and then block their access to your home. Some crawling insects such as ants, bedbugs, woodlice and cockroaches, require a focused action, aimed at the paths they travel, as flying insects, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, as well as mites, acarids and spiders rather require that you treat all of your rooms.


In spray, proceed as follows:


15 drops of the Home Insects Formula, to dilute in,

60 ml (4 tbsp.) of alcohol, to dilute in,

2 liters of water.

Be sure to follow each of those preparation steps, ensuring good dispersion of essential oils in your final blend. Agitate the container before each use.

This spray can be used for light spraying in all the rooms, or localized actions, focused on paths of colonies of crawling insects, but also around your doors and windows, entry points of many flying insects. This mixture can also be used to treat wood against termites, or other insects living off wood.


With a diffuser , such as an oil warmer, or an electric diffuser sold for Aromatherapy, or the receptacle provided for this purpose of some electric humidifiers, or an air humidifier placed between the blades of a central heating radiator. Use ten to twenty drops of the formula, depending on the duration, for each of those methods.


To increase your protection against insect bites, in the garden,in the home, and when travelling, also consider the Insect Repellent Lotion for the body.



Frequency of use:

Know that the essential oils you spread have a lasting residual effect: they are active immediately, and for several weeks. However, if you treat rooms you constantly ventilate, think of treating these rooms more frequently. Regarding local spraying, on frames of doors and windows, or following the paths taken by ants or cockroaches, the frequency of once a month is enough, usually. This can vary depending on the number of insects, the weather, etc.


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Concentrated or diluted product: do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children.


Read also the safety precautions about the use of sprays indoors.



See the Frequently Asked Questions about the Home Insects Formula.



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The Home Insects Formula


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