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This page answers the most frequently asked questions about The Home Insects Formula.



Is the Home Insects Formula effective against all insects?

Yes. It is a blend of essential oils which have insecticidal and repellent effects, against various kinds of insects, but also acarids and spiders.



How to fight effectively against crawling insects?

The first step consists in a thorough housecleaning. These ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, woodlice, etc. are attracted by debris, dust, or food, they use as a food supply. A good vacuuming can already make a difference.


The second step is the use of the formula where roam those insects. Either by vaporization of the diluted Home Insects Formula (see information leaflet), or the use of a few drops of the pure formula on a damp sponge to be applied in those spots and paths.


Those applications are to be renewed when insects reappear.


You can also use some cotton balls impregnated with the Insects Formula and place them to disturb the habits and paths of the insects.


For recurrent invasions, there is also on the website an Ant and Cockroach Formula which contains essential oils which have shown a very specific efficacy against those Insects, solely intended to treat floors, soils, other supports of the invasions by those Insects, and which can be used indoors or outdoors.


Which is the method to choose against flying insects?

There are several easy things to do to fight against flies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets, etc.


It can be very useful to spray the diluted Home Insects Formula (see leaflet) in several places in the home, mainly near the entryways of those Insects (doors, windows, etc.).


And to maintain a repulsive atmosphere by repeating those sprayings, or using the Home Insects Formula with a diffuser , in using ten to twenty drops poured in the small dish containing the water, depending on the duration of use.


The use of an oil warmer is of an easy set up, and may be performed at any time, as needed.



How to use the Home Insects Formula to prevent getting bitten by insects?

It is possible to dilute 10 drops of the Insects Formula in two tablespoons of vegetable oil (Almond, for example), and use this blend to protect unclothed parts of the body, exposed to bites. This is a great way to repel mosquitoes in a completely natural way.


It only takes small quantities of this oil blend because it spreads very easily on the skin.


This method is described with more details here: Insect Repellent Lotion for the body.


If in doubt about the suitability of essential oils for your health condition (pregnancy, epilepsy, etc.), it is advisable to consult your doctor before using this method.



Can the Home Insects Formula be used as a repellent against the Asian Tiger Mosquito?

Yes, and it is probably the best repellent against those mosquitoes of the Aedes family, and others, which gradually get used to all of what's been used to oppose them. With its complexity, this formula offers much better protection than others containing only one single essential oil, or one active substance, to which the mosquitoes adjust quickly.


It is also preferred by people traveling in hot and humid areas, to protect themselves from this plague. You must think about controlling the home, through diffusion, and also to protect the body parts that remain unclothed, especially hands and feet, richly vascularized, prime targets of these blood-sucking mosquitoes.



How to fight against mites and other acarids?

Again, the first step is a thorough cleaning of the house, but also of fabrics, mattresses, furniture... The mites live in the dust on which they feed.


The diluted Home Insects Formula can be sprayed in several places in the house, including rooms the most lived in by people allergic to mites or acarids (see information leaflet).


The air in the house can be purified using the Home Insects Formula, or The Home Germs Formula, with a diffuser, using ten to twenty drops of one, or the other, formula, placed with enough water in the small cup, matching the duration of use.


It is also possible to use cotton balls impregnated with one or the other of those formulas, and place them in various spots in the house.



Can I use the Home Insects Formula against spiders?

Yes. By spraying or using a diffuser. This formula has a repellent effect directly on spiders, but also on flying insects that spiders feed on, compelling them to get food elsewhere.



Can the Home Insects Formula also protect woodwork?

Yes. This formula is effective against termites and other wood-eating insects, present in the wood. Direct regular sprays help protect your woodwork. And maintaining a repulsive atmosphere by vaporization of this Formula, or by its use with a diffuser, will help to overcome this kind of Insects in your home.



Why doesn't your Home Insects Formula contain a Geranium essential oil?

The repellent activity of Geranium is linked to the two main components of the essential oil, which are geraniol and limonene. The essential oil of Lemongrass which is in the Formula also contains geraniol. And many others in the blend bring limonene.


To fight against insects, keep in mind that some of those creatures develop, same as germs, resistances to commonly encountered active substances. Geranium is common in our regions, while plants whose essential oils are contained in the Home Insects Formula are far less common and will be more effective to "surprise" our local bugs.



Need tips in order to spray essential oils?

You can visit the spray page of this website.



Other general question?

You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions about the website.


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