The Home Germs Formula


The eleven essential oils composing this formula concentrate natural plant substances with antiseptic powers, active against different bacteria and viruses, and also against the acarids present in your homes. Some of these substances are highly volatile, extracted from barks of citrus.

This is an antimicrobial formula for surfaces, but also an air deodorizer, that will allow you to fight against the bacteria responsible for bad odors, instead of just trying to cover these odors by adding an extra perfume , as do the majority of chemical deodorizers sold in stores.


The Home Germs Formula: a natural blend of essential oils to purify and sanitize your home, car, against dust mites, acarids, germs and odors.
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In spray, a 15 ml bottle of The Home Germs Formula allows to make 70 liters of a ready-to-use solution.


50 and 100 ml bottles with a degressive pricing and adapted shipping methods are also available through mail order (... see catalog).




Once you become familiar with this formula, you will realize that many uses are possible.

For surfaces, by pouring a few drops of the undiluted formula directly on a sponge, or by diluting it in a liquid soap that you use for your housekeeping (about 5 ml to 1 liter of soap), for cleaning your floors, sinks, garbage cans, pet litter boxes, etc.

As an air sanitizer, using a diffuser such as an oil warmer, or an electric diffuser sold for Aromatherapy, or the receptacle provided for this purpose of some electric humidifiers, or an air humidifier placed between the blades of a central heating radiator. Use ten to twenty drops of the formula, depending on the duration, for each of those methods.

To vaporize or spray, use the following dosage:


15 drops of the Home Germs Formula, to dilute in,

60 ml (4 tbsp.) of alcohol, to dilute in,

2 liters of water.

Be sure to follow each of those preparation steps, ensuring good dispersion of essential oils in your final blend. Agitate the container before each use. This spray can be used for light spraying in all the rooms, or localized spraying, focused on particular spots.



Frequency of use:

Know that the essential oils you spread have a lasting residual effect: they are active immediately, and for several weeks. However, if you treat rooms you constantly ventilate, think of treating these rooms more frequently.

In local applications, such as sinks, floors, garbage cans, cat litter boxes, renewing them on a weekly, or even monthly, basis should be appropriate.


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Concentrated or diluted product: do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children.


Read also the safety precautions about the use of sprays indoors.




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The Home Germs Formula


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