Using a Diffuser

There are several types of essential oil diffusers. The oldest systems are still the most common: they are the candles or burners, also called oil burners or oil warmers.


In order to use the essential oils formulas of this website, an oil warmer heated by candles is enough.


They are rather cheap, environmentally friendly, and are sold in many forms, allowing to find one that blends well with the decor of the room in which it will be used.

  Brûleur pour Huiles Essentielles


Electrical devices, which simply diffuse the oils, or are coupled to ionization or humidification systems are also commercially available. More modern, ultrasonic wave nebulizers are sold as having the advantage of providing a broader diffusion of the aromas.


Choosing an oil warmer

Choosing a burner for essential oils should not be limited to aesthetics, we must also think about its use. The principle is simple: a candle heats a cup that contains essential oils in suspension in water. The heat causes the sublimation of the oils which are thus dispersed into the surrounding air.


Diffuseur d'Huiles Essentielles  

The cup must be large enough to accommodate the required amount of water for the duration of the candle, determined by the size (4 to 6 hours).


The bottom of the cup, facing the flame of the candle, will be enamel coated, heat-resistant, and easy to clean to prevent an accumulation of soot.


The candles that match the heaters are called tealights. Depending on their size, they may last 4 to 6 hours. They come at different prices, depending on their quality. Some are already perfumed, it is best to avoid them for that use.


The Formulas to diffuse

The use of particular formulas of this site with a diffuser offers an extensive and prolonged action. In addition, this is a method which requres less work than the spraying, and allows you to keep healthy interior and environment.


Home Germs Formula:

This formula is designed to clean and deodorize your rooms. The oils it contains are active against bacteria, mold, and acarids. Its smell mixing citrus, conifers and aromatic plants, is very light and pleasant. ... learn more.


Home Insects Formula:

It protects your home from being invaded by flying or crawling insects. It can also be used to rid your home of fleas, along with the Pets' Parasites Formula.

... learn more.


Garden Insects Formula:

Outside, on your balcony, or terrace, poolside, if there is not too much wind, the use of this blend with a diffuser repels insects that could harm you. ... learn more.


How to use those Formulas.

It's easy! Simply fill the cup with water and add 10 to 15 drops of the formula that you chose. Then light a tealight candle and place it beneath the cup.


As there are different types of tealights, the first times, you need to monitor if the cup contains enough water in order for it to last the length of the candle. If not, you'll need to add more water.


In Short...

Numerous essential oils of plants can be used on a daily basis for your well being as well as for your loved ones'.

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In the Garden

Find out which oils can be used in the garden.

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The essential oils which are useful to your pets.

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For the Bath

How to use essential oils for your well being.

For your Travels
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The essential oils to bring when away from home

Useful Tips
Useful Tips

How to buy, store and use your essential oils.

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